• Anna Lux

How Meditation Can Improve Your Pilates Practice

What's your opinion about meditation? I've noticed that clients either love it or can't stand it. It seems to be either one or the other. What about you? Are you able to sit still and enjoy a meditation session? Or do you find yourself squirming?

Meditation is a SUPER powerful way to center the mind, the body, and the breath. It allows us to inhabit our body more fully. It helps us to become more present and more grateful for what IS in our life. Just sitting on the mat gently observing the inhale and exhale of our breath for 5 minutes can work wonders for the nervous system. It allows us to ponder and appreciate ALL the messages our body sends us.

A Pilates session itself can be like a moving meditation where you can use the breath and body in tandem to center the mind. Next time you're in a Pilates mat class, try it! Keep your focus on the breath and allow the thinking mind to take a break. I have a feeling you'll love it!

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