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3 Quick Tips for Your Best Pilates Class EVER

Pilates is a wonderful chance to understand your body and how it moves. A successful class using the Pilates Repertoire acknowledges the differences between ALL of us. No human being is exactly alike. We all come from different paths in life! Here are 3 quick tips for having your best Pilates Class ever:

1. Surrender - Surrender any judgement or assessment you have of yourself today. Simply listen to the words of the Instructor and see how you can bring what he/she says into your experience. Are there any areas of your body that need an extra stretch? Is the Double Leg Stretch easy today for you but it was more challenging last week? Notice the differences and surrender to the awareness of how YOU move on the mat with your class today.

2. Breathe - Notice if you're holding your breath. Play with the idea of keeping the breath flowing and moving. Joseph Pilates called breathing an 'internal shower' that creates mental and physical invigoration and rejuvenation. Enjoy it! You may hear your Instructor use breath cues that are are challenging for you to master. Just keep breathing and use Tip # 1 (Surrender) too!

3. Smile - This is the best part! Have fun and smile! Joseph Pilates studied the movements of animals and of babies. He was curious. He was a scientist of the human body and fascinated by how we move. It wasn't just about building muscles or holding oneself with great strength for a desired physique. He really dug deep in understanding our entire body and how it moves as he created his Method (The Pilates Method was originally called Contrology). In his 1945 book Return to Life Through Contrology, he wrote that "Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness". His exercises "Crab" and "Seal" always bring laughter in the Studio when I teach them. Have fun and smile most of all!

I hope these tips have helped you today. Do you have some tips of your own? I'd love to hear them!

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